Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Categorizing Salsa Shines

So the crazy notion of teaching a shines class has crossed my mind and I find myself thinking about what moves I might teach if I decided to do it. Now I am a very structured type of person, so my first instinct is to categorize all of the shines first. I think I have a pretty thorough categorization.

These are all of the possible shine movements (that I can think of - or find from Internet resources for. )

  1. Step
  2. Rock Step
  3. Ball Change
  4. Tap/Dig
  5. Kick
  6. Swing
  7. Flick (That tango Move - it has a real name I just forget it)
  8. Slide/Drag
  9. Twist (Heel/Toe Pivot)
  10. Rondé/Fan/Brush
  11. Stomp
  12. Hop
  13. Chug (With weight on both feet, bend the knees and then straighten sharply, causing the feet to slide back.)
  14. Jeté (Lightly spring off one foot and land on the other.)
  15. Skip (Step then Lightly spring off and land on the same foot.)
  16. Spot Turn
  17. Pivot/Châiné Turn (Traveling Turn)
  18. Spin
  19. Spiral (Spin/Turn opposite to the weighted foot - left on right foot, right on left foot)
  20. Hook Turn?
  21. Lock (Cross the free foot in front of or behind the supporting foot.)
  22. Freeze
  23. Lunge

Of course you realize that these are just categories, not moves. They also only (mostly) pertain to the feet and not the arms or the body. Each one of these has countless variations and when you combine these movements together or with their variations you end up with endless variety. Throw in body styling, arm styling, hand styling, leg styling, foot styling, head styling, etc. and you end up with a nearly infinite variety of moves. But they all have as their base these 20 something movements.

If you are creating a choreography and get stuck, perhaps reviewing this list can inspire something new.